DeMomentSomTres Digital Marketing Agency in Vilafranca del Penedès

DeMomentSomTres is a digital marketing agency. We build IT, marketing and communication solutions as a whole to help you in the challenge of reaching your audience.

Three concepts to build digital marketing solutions

We provide digital marketing solutions to help you implement your business strategy based on 3 main elements: words, images and technology. This trilogy is the focus of our philosophy and the reason of our naming. The catalan sentence De moment som tres can be translated to english more or less as currently we are three. Three because of the 3 main elements, currently because we know that some day the main elements of a digital strategy will be larger (but we don’t know exactly when).

Digital marketing the open source way

Digital marketing, web desing, web communication, social media campaignsThe digital marketing solutions we define, build and execute are created on a modular basis to fit into your budget while solving your needs.

We base a lot of our digital marketing solutions on open source solutions like WordPress because they provide commodity core features. And we can focus on the aspects that make you and your project different.

Who wants to build a digital mail campaigns system when MailChimp offers the same or even better features for just a portion of the budget?

But, when we are unable to find what we need to implement our digital marketing solutions, we build them. Nowadays we have released many WordPress plugins and collaborate with some other Open Source projects that we want to share with you. This is the main reason of having a page in english.

A page in English: understanding on the basis of a good digital marketing

We know how important is to understand what people is talking about in order to communicate.

We are a local agency based in Vilafranca del Penedès, near Barcelona, but we have customers worldwide. Our main language is catalan and so is our main web page.

However, we participate in some international projects like WordPress components. We want offer you a light DeMomentSomTres web page in a common language. And English is so.

So here you are! Welcome to DeMomentSomTres.