DeMomentSomTres is DMS3: Digital Marketing our way

Once upon a time we where three people but since a long time, we are many more.

We believe that communication pivots on form, message and channel.

DeMomentSomTres managing partners: marketing enthusiasts

Anna Mata

Anna Mata

When I rest, I am working

Studied Ancient Languages and Inbound Marketing. She speaks ancient greek and latin. She learned strategy from Thucydides and storytelling from films.

Partner at DeMomentSomTres and the one that keeps the order on a daily basis.

Marc Queralt i Bassa

Marc Queralt i Bassa

I like puzzles

Computer Engineer and MBA. Digital Marketing specialist. Nobody knows if he is a programmer, a consultant or a business person.

Partner at DeMomentSomTres and the boss when it is required.

The team at DeMomentSomTres

The usual suspects for critical acclaim in the Digital Marketing Community, some work from our offices while others stop in for an afternoon coffee.

Raül González

May design be with you

Lead Designer. Raul is a member of the Jedi Council for DeMomentSomTres in times of aesthetic or moral doubt.

Always using design as the foundation of his philosophy,  Raul solves issues related to the communication of our clients.

Núria Gallego

Communication is emotion.

With a thousand bookmarks, a filmmaker of memories, a writer of fantastic worlds, a traveler through music and an animal lover.

She started in the audiovisual world and continues in constant learning, but now, within the digital universe.

Txell Mesalles

I communicate, therefore I exist

Lover of capturing moments, either with the camera or with the mobile.

Passionate about gastronomy. Creative in nature, witty writing and never stop learning as a life motto.

Irene Queralt Sans

[Fill the blank]

And there’s a million things I haven’t done
But just you wait, just you wait.

Musical theater student but depending on the day can be: Lorem Ipsum Maker, Canva Expert, Translator with legs, Divi Builder, Video Editor … just ask.

Gemma Moncho

Restless Journalist

When she wants to take her for a while.

Restless journalist with a different attitude to doing things. He works on his own projects and also with us.

Maria Carbó

A living spellchecker

Linguist, the best. Proofreader by trade, copy by adoption. Because good content depends on an impeccable linguistic domain. Knows style books, naming and jargon in the languages used by DeMomentSomTres. He works for the big corporations of the country and with us.

Xavier Boada

He is older than Internet

Digital communication requires servers, networks, computers, printers, mobile phones and thousands of other electronic devices. Xavi knows them since they appeared because he was already using modems and other similar gadgets.

Now, he is a 3D printing fan.

Eva Sans

Pencil or Photoshop?

Headlining illustrator and until a while ago, a wall mate.

Draws, makes textbooks, children and juveniles. Nobody knows Photoshop and Illustrator like her.

Jordi Salvat

Townhall communication Jedi

Institutional communication is his job.

He knows the political reality of the country and the mysteries of local administrations and alma mater of the Altafulla Local Communication Congress.

Maria Sarrió

Legal, it's me

Legally appropriate. Formally necessary. Specialist consultant on business entrepreneurship financial issues. He knows everything you need to know about viability in business.

Anna Vallhonesta

Never in the weekend!

Versatile journalist It may be explain some human towers on TV, organize an anniversary or throw herself by a zip.

Like everyone in DeMomentSomTres, she is committed to communicate.

Montse Poch

She loves Freehand

Founding designer of DeMomentSomTres.

She defines herself as a creator and designer of sensations. Nobody exceeds it when it makes unexpected and elegant designs.

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