We have just released new version of our Bongo Checkout for Prestashop addon that allows integration this eCommerce solution with Bongo Checkout by Bongo International.

What is Bongo Checkout

Bongo Checkout for PrestashopBongo International’s Checkout platform removes the risks associated with international eCommerce transactions. Bongo takes title of goods following your current terms and conditions and provides guaranteed payment through either Credit Card or ACH. This establishes a buffer for your company against:

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Currency Fluctuations
  • Inaccurate Duty Tax Calculations
  • Inaccurate Billing by Custom Authorities

Bongo Checkout provides a seamless transition to convert International traffic in addition to domestic. Our integrated solution provides:

  • 100% fraud free transactions
  • Platform module plug ins
  • “Light” integration requirements
  • International payment options
  • Language Translation
  • 71 Currencies
  • 59 Payment Options
  • Full landed costs
  • Average 3 day delivery
  • Removal of any items that are banned due to export compliance or import compliance issues
  • No Fees

DeMomentSomTres + Bongo International = Bongo Checkout for Prestashop

DeMomentSomTres Bongo Checkout for Prestashop takes profit of DeMomentSomTres Prestashop experience and is verified by Bongo International in order to certify it fits perfectly on Bongo International platform.

We are working on this project since January and we are very proud to release this new version.

Changes in this release of Bongo Checkout for Prestashop

bongo-checkout-prestashopThis version solves a bug that prevent users from seeing some informations after registering their accounts if One Page Checkout was configured in Prestashop.

It also improves visibility of Pay using Bongo.

You can download Bongo Checkout for Prestashop Addon for free from our website.

There are no special requirements to update this Prestashop addon. Just upload the new files over the old ones. No additional configuration is required.

Do you need more information about Bongo Checkout for Prestashop?

Don’t hesitate to contact us via info@demomentsomtres.com or use the comments and we will be proud to help you.