WooCommerce, the main eCommerce plugin for WordPress, allows you to mark that some products are hidden in the catalog.

Despite this fact, the products are still accessible if you know the address. They are not only available but also show the button to add to the cart and, therefore, can be acquired by the users, although we are not teaching them.

With a good SEO positioning strategy, Google ends up displaying these products permanently, and users can acquire them.

To avoid this, we have developed a WordPress plugin that does not generate the button for these products. As the plugin hides the hidden products, we have named it DeMomentSomTres WooCommerce Hide Hidden, and we have illustrated it with a cat hidden under a mat.

It has served us to solve the problems that some of our clients who encountered having products that do not sell were in this line.

We considered the possibility of removing these products from the store but, in the case of seasonal products, we were interested in not losing the positioning of these products at the level of search engines or the effort made in SEO.

That is why the option we have chosen is to build this WordPress plugin that allows us to hide the product while it is not needed. Therefore, any product that is marked as a hidden product in WooCommerce will continue to be visible from search engines but when it is accessed the add button is no longer shown in the shopping cart. Naturally, it is necessary to give the user some explanation, but because there is a myriad of cases, we recommend using the description fields or brief description to provide this information.

Also, as is already usual in DeMomentSomTres, we have uploaded the plugin to WordPress plugins page so that all those who need it will use it.

We hope you are as useful as us.