Ajax Availability Calendar Integration for DeMomentSomTres Accommodation

Version: 2.0
last update: 4 June, 2016

Download link: https://downloads.wordpress.org/plugin/demomentsomtres-accommodation-integration-to-ajax-availability-calendar.zip
Plugin page at WordPress.org: http://wordpress.org/plugins/demomentsomtres-accommodation-integration-to-ajax-availability-calendar/
Contributors: marcqueralt


Tags: acommodation, ajax availability calendar, availability




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  1. Have uploaded ajax availability calendar to directory calendar in the www folder for this site and works fine when viewed direct. Your plugin is just what I need to integrate the calendar into this wordpress site and have installed and activated it.

    There are no settings in the admin section, no widget and nothing changes when the plugin is active, am I missing something. Do you have any instructions on how to proceed as I would really like to use this calendar because of its ability to show part booked days.

    Any help you can give would be great.


    Chris Jewell

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