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Last update: 15 June, 2017

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The DeMomentSomTres Mailchimp Subscribe plugin manages subscriptions to Mailchimp Lists with and without groups.

This plugin is the perfect companion for DeMomentSomTres Mailchimp Immediate Send.

You can get more information at DeMomentSomTres Digital Marketing Agency.


  • Widget to subscribe to an especific list.
  • Shortcode to create a page to manage all the subscriptions linked to an email.
  • Lists and groups can be renamed.
  • Settings allows to prevent list to be shown to the users.
  • Google Analytics integration based on events

History & Raison d’être

While working for Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya we integrated Mailchimp and WordPress to perform RSS Campaigns.

We needed a plugin to manage subscriptions.

After a few days we decided to implement Google Analytics integration.


Installation Instructions

This plugin can be installed as any other WordPress plugin.


  • Dependencies are managed by the plugin itself

What is the shortcode syntax?

The syntax is really simple, without options. Just put [demomentsomtres-mc-subscription] where you whant it to be shown.

Which events are sent to Google Analytics and when

Each of the buttons used in this plugin send its own event to Google Analytics.

Widget ‘Subscribe’ Button
* Category: dms3mcsubscribe
* Action: subscribe-widget
* Label: listid-email (listid is formatted as list-grouping-group)

Shortcode ‘Verify email’ Button
* Category: dms3mcsubscribe
* Action: verify-email-shortcode
* Label: email

Shortcode ‘Unsubscribe’ Button
* Category: dms3mcsubscribe
* Action: unsubscribe-shortcode
* Label: listid-email

Shortcode ‘Subscribe’ Button
* Category: dms3mcsubscribe
* Action: subscribe-shortcode
* Label: listid-email


You can get support via WordPress forums or via comments in this page.