Version: 4.0

Last update: 8 August, 2017

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DeMomentSomTres is a brand new plugin devoted to automatically commute to user browser language for WPML websites.

When the user lands on the initial page, the system tries to select the right language using javascript based on WPML code.


  • Automatic Language switching in specific pages

History & raison d’être

In 2011 we needed a multilanguage plugin allowing:

  • Content translation.
  • Integration with WordPress SEO by Yoast.
  • Different communication and SEO strategies based on language.
  • Automatic language selection based on browser language.

As we didn’t find it, we decided to implement it and use it.

After many years using it, we moved to Polylang and later to WPML and we stopped using and developing this plugin.

Nowadays, we are using WPML but we like a great feature of our old plugin. Our old plugin was able to have each language in a directory and a landing page allowing to select the language you wanted if the system was not able to select one by itself.

So, we decided to redesign this plugin in order to provide this functionality to WPML.

More information

DeMomentSomTres Language in


You have to configure WPML with different folders for each language and use a folder for the default language.

You have to define a default home page that should have all the required languages.

You MUST insert [dms3Language] shortcode in the default home page.


Installation Instructions

It can be installed as any other WordPress plugin. There are not required dependencies. However if WPML is not present, it won’t work but no error is raised.


You can get support via WordPress forums or via comments in this page.