Version: 1.3.1

Last update: 12 June, 2014

Rating: 5/5

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This plugin generates a list of events from a Facebook fan page. The events list can be put in any post or page that uses shortcodes.

You must have a Facebook developer account with an application ID and application secret. To request one, please visit Facebook

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To use the plugin, simply include the short-code [fb_event_list appid="" appsecret="" pageid="" limit=15 order="DESC|ASC"] in a post or page.
* appid: facebook application ID.
* appsecret: facebook application secret.
* pageid: page identification of the page to show the events from.
* limit: (optional) number of events. The default value is 15.
* order: (optional) events order. The default order is DESC.


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  • Based on code by Mike Dalisay
  • Adapted by Jon Smith version 0.4


How do I obtain an appid and appsecret?

Please visit the Facebook Developer site

How can I configure past, ongoing and upcoming events to display different

Any event is displayed in a table row tag. Each event line can have any of the following classes:
* dms3-fb-events-started: events whose start date is in the past.
* dms3-fb-events-not-ended: events whose end date is in the future.

You can use this .css template to configure events based on time end:

table.dms3_fb_events tr.dms3-fb-upcoming-event {
    /* future events */
table.dms3_fb_events tr.dms3-fb-ongoing-event {
    /* ongoing events */
table.dms3_fb_events tr.dms3-fb-past-event{
    /* past events */

Why I cannot customize ongoing events

Ongoing events detection to work needs facebook events to have start and end time informed.


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