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Version: 3.201704281627
Last update: 28 April, 2017

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While working for Consorci Administració Oberta de Catalunya we integrated Mailchimp and WordPress to perform RSS Campaigns.

Having them on operation the customer faced the need of sending immediate messages when a content was published on a specific category. However, Mailchimp RSS Campaings doesn't allow this because they are launched time based.

To solve this problem we decide to build this component that creates an specific Mailchimp "regular campaing" every time a content in certain taxonomies is published.

Main features

  • Selection based on post type (post, page, custom post)
  • Selection based on categories, post tags and any other taxonomy terms
  • Selection based on multiple taxonomy terms.
  • Template Support.
  • Edit area configuration.


I've updated a content and I want to send it again

You have to check the Force Resend in the top right area called 'Send'.

The post type I want to use does not appear on the admin page

Check if this post type:

  • has any taxonomy.
  • the taxonomy has values set (with or without elements).

Why pages are not shown in the admin page

In default WordPress install classes won't be displayed because pages don't have any taxonomy.

The content does not appear if I use a template

This plugin uses the 'std_content00' section (mc:edit) in the MailChimp template.

Where do I configure the mail contents?

You can setup a template to make the mails look as you want.

Some of the parameters from the mail are taken from the MailChimp List defaults:

  • Subject
  • From name
  • From email

Where is my message stored in MailChimp?

The message is stored as a campaign named as the list where it is sent with a YYYY/MM/DD HH:MM:SS suffix.


You can get support via WordPress forums or via comments in this page.


  1. Hi, I have just your module (we have exactly the same issue as the one you mentioend above) but the admin page is almost blank, it asks for an API key but no where to enter it, any ideas?

  2. Found this page, can see text for API but there is no field or submission form to connect with Mailchimp.

    1. Marc Queralt i Bassa

      You need to install DeMomentSomTres Tools that is a common library used in most of our plugins.

  3. I’ve got the plugin hooked up to mailchimp fine and done a test send and all working. However I now want to get it integrated into a template but the template dropdown isn’t populating on the plugin page. Also can you give some instructions on how you can pull out specific items from the post so I can show it in different areas of the email template (title, featured image & body)


  4. Hi. Why don’t I see any of my MailChimp templates in Settings? I can see my lists but templates list is empty.

  5. “This plugin uses the ‘std_content00’ section (mc:edit) in the MailChimp template.”
    How can I add this section to my template?

  6. just installed the plugin and got this error:

    Fatal error: Class ‘TitanFramework’ not found in /home1/jgherrera/public_html/ on line 109

    Any idea how to fix? I can’t even log into my dashboard anymore.

    1. You can remove demomentsomtres-mailchimp-immediate-send folder inside plugins. You’ll be able to login again.
      Then install titan framework plugin and reinstall the plugin.
      Sorry for the inconvenience

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