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Version: 2.1
last update: 6 December, 2016

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Displays archives in a month grid with post counts for each month, with yearly and grand totals, and shows titles and comment counts for all posts.

I used some years ago The French Archives but it wasn’t mantained anymore so I decided to update it and to base it in shortcode.

Shows monthly post counts, year totals, and a grand total in a grid/table format, with links to month and year archives. Like this (see also the screenshot!):

      Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2010    2   4   2  21   4   2   3                       38
2009    2   7   5   5   3   1   9   3   5   5   7   5   57

If posts all fall within one calendar year, the grand total won’t be shown. (The trailing table row will remain.)

Call from content with the shortcode [DeMomentSomTres-Grid-Archive]

Two optional parameters:

  • $style = 'abbr'
  • $first_header = 'Monthly'

By default for $style, will show month abbreviations (abbr) in the header row, e.g. “Jan” and “Feb”. Can also show first 'initial', e.g. “J” and “F”, and 'numeric'. (abbr and initial use `wp-config.php locale.)

You can change the first header row from the default of “Monthly”, or remove it altogether by passing in an empty string.

It is based on Rob Marsh’s “Compact Monthly Archive” (which was based on Justin Blanton’s “Smart Archive”), and display a list of all posts, based on template code by Wessley Roche.

Tags: all posts, archives, month grid




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