Gantry Framework Catalan Translation

We like Gantry Framework and we want to use it in catalan

Because we wanted and we needed it, we decided to translate the main components of Gantry Framework.

To be specific we have translated:

  • Gantry Framework Plugin, the plugin that implements this framework.
  • rt_gantry_wp theme, the theme proposed as a basis for all other themes using that framework.

In order to make it useful for everyone, we put it as an open project and we hosted it at github.

As many of our customers need it also in spanish we provide also the translation to that language.

If you want to download it you are free to use/improve/share it at github.

We hope it serves to you.

Change Log

  • v.4.0.6. – translation of both elements in that version of Gantry.