DeMomentSomTres People: a WordPress Plugin to show your organization in a single page

Reasons to build this WordPress Plugin

On may 2013 the team at DeMomentSomTres were builing a website for a school near Vilafranca del Penedès. We needed to build a page with all the departments and teachers with their pictures and bios.

We faced an important problem in order to build it only in one page, every course we would need to change a lot of information in multiple places.

We decided to build a WordPress Plugin that allows us to show all the people in one tabbed page using ajax to make it user and search engine friendly at the same time.

WordPress Plugin DeMomentSomTres People

Functionality of this WordPress Plugin

DeMomentSomTres People WordPress Plugin provides a new post-type called people and a new taxonomy department.

Every post on the people post-type can belong to as many departments as needed.

The people post-type also adds a custom field “title” in order to specify the people title.

Plugin instructions

After installing and activating the plugin the new post-type and the new taxonomy are automatically created.

You can insert the contents using the shortcode [demomentsomtres-people].

Alternative usage of this WordPress Plugin

You can use the plugin to present thinks grouped by tabs based on a category if it doesn’t bother you that they are called people.

For instance, we use it to show our customers grouped by services at DeMomentSomTres customers grouped by services.


You can download this Plugin at