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Version: 1.3.1
last update: 12 June, 2014

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This plugin generates a list of events from a Facebook fan page. The events list can be put in any post or page that uses shortcodes.

You must have a Facebook developer account with an application ID and application secret. To request one, please visit Facebook

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DeMomentSomTres Facebook Events List in


To use the plugin, simply include the short-code [fb_event_list appid="" appsecret="" pageid="" limit=15 order="DESC|ASC"] in a post or page.
* appid: facebook application ID.
* appsecret: facebook application secret.
* pageid: page identification of the page to show the events from.
* limit: (optional) number of events. The default value is 15.
* order: (optional) events order. The default order is DESC.


You can try it:


  • Based on code by Mike Dalisay
  • Adapted by Jon Smith version 0.4

Tags: events, facebook


How do I obtain an appid and appsecret?

Please visit the Facebook Developer site

How can I configure past, ongoing and upcoming events to display different

Any event is displayed in a table row tag. Each event line can have any of the following classes:
* dms3-fb-events-started: events whose start date is in the past.
* dms3-fb-events-not-ended: events whose end date is in the future.

You can use this .css template to configure events based on time end:

table.dms3_fb_events tr.dms3-fb-upcoming-event {
    /* future events */
table.dms3_fb_events tr.dms3-fb-ongoing-event {
    /* ongoing events */
table.dms3_fb_events tr.dms3-fb-past-event{
    /* past events */

Why I cannot customize ongoing events

Ongoing events detection to work needs facebook events to have start and end time informed.


You can get support via WordPress forums or via comments in this page.


  1. Åsa Larsson

    I’m using the plugin “DeMomentSomTres Facebook Events List” and I really love it.
    Unfortunately the Facebook events disappears from my website when its start time has passed.
    Is it possible make the events disappear from my website at its end time instead?

    1. Marc Queralt i Bassa

      Hi Åsa,
      I have just updated the plugin. Now you can choose how many events will be shown in the list.
      The last events are selected even if they are past ones.
      Special css classes are setup to mark ended and started events.
      Hope it fits your needs.

  2. Hanna Charlotte Erhorn

    Dear Crew,
    today I made an Update but since then my Events are not shown any more and I had to deactivate the plugin. It said: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare class FacebookApiException in /www/htdocs/w0108b4d/wp-content/plugins/demomentsomtres-facebook-events-list/base_facebook.php on line 107
    Can you help?

    1. Marc Queralt i Bassa

      We hope we can 😉
      Are you using any other plugin that uses facebook?

      1. Hanna Charlotte Erhorn

        Yes, I also use Facebook Events Widget in my Sidebar and Recent Facebook Posts on my startpage.
        Does this information help?
        Thank you for your support

        1. Marc Queralt i Bassa

          It is a library compatibility problem.
          We will try to have a release this weekend solving it.

        2. Marc Queralt i Bassa

          Component updated in order to avoid facebook library if yet included.
          Tell me if it works please.

    1. Okay… sometimes I feel so stupid. It works like a charm now! But… Is there a way to only show upcomming and ongoing events, and not showing the ones that are passed?

  3. Augusts Kolms

    This is a great plugin. However, I can’t seem to find a way to change the date/time format. Is there a way to do this?

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